Saturday, February 16, 2008

Potomac/Chesapeake/DMV/Beltway/Crabcake Primaries

I would have posted earlier in the week, but after a very, very long day Monday, and a rather busy Tuesday, I got sick on Wednesday. I'm still sniffling and feeling generally wiped out, but on the mend I think.

So Monday I followed Mike Huckabee all over Virginia for the New York Times. I was in Richmond for an event at 8am, Virginia Beach at noon, and completely across the state in Roanoke at 7:15. It would have been great to be on the press bus, but I was unable to reach anyone with the campaign in time to set that up. Still, it was great to be shooting for the Times, which can make you something of a minor celebrity at these events. One woman (below in pink) said, "The New York Times! All the way down here [in Virginia Beach]! I'm going to shake your hand!" - which she did. She sounded more excited I was there than Mike Huckabee was, though she was pretty excited about him too.

Another group of high schoolers were doing cheerleader-style leaps on stage after the event in Roanoke was wrapped up, complete with Huckabee signs. I took some frames, got their names, and when they found out I was shooting for the Times, they insisted I pose for a photo with them.

I would have continued covering Huckabee on Tuesday but he high-tailed it to Little Rock.


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