Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Can Happen

I've had a busy week, a fact for which I'm extremely grateful. To have your phone ring every day with the prospect of taking pictures for money is more or less a dream come true. Tuesday I covered New York mayor Michael Bloomberg here in DC for the New York Times, Wednesday was an uneventful corporate job, and yesterday was my first assignment (two, actually) for the Associated Press. The AP is one of which I'm particularly proud; the editor there spent a full 90 minutes with me a few months back, going over everything he liked and disliked about my portfolio, how the AP's Washington bureau works, how difficult it is to be a freelancer there, etc. In fact, he told me it was more or less unheard of to freelance for the Washington bureau without having been a staffer at a decent paper for at least a few years and/or having freelanced for AP in a smaller market. That said, I was signed anyway. Maybe because I met with him on my birthday?

AND...Monday had be busy as well, shooting a really fun assignment all day that I won't be ready to reveal until it's published. There's always that nagging feeling that it'll get canned for one reason or another, and I'm never really satisfied until I see the work out there. Speaking of, the New York Times assignment Tuesday was for the metro section, which does not appear in the Washington edition of the paper, so I have no idea what, if anything, they used. Can anyone help me out?

And finally, a few pictures - from the AP assignment and Mike Bloomberg.

My fave - not what has been published though, to my knowledge. I did have a pic in the Washington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.

Above, simple. Below, perhaps cliche but fun.


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